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Is it better to scrap or export your used car?

Singapore is a country with limited land resource and is also one of the core reasons why there is such thing as COE (certificate of entitlement). A COE represents the right for an individual…more

Why should you export Japanese used cars?

Most of the people would love to become the owner of the car in the lifetime. However the downtrend in the economy is not letting many to become the owner of the new car….more

What are the benefits of exporting Continental used cars?

Are you in the business of selling used car? If yes, exporting the used car to abroad nations is one of the effective ways to increase your sales potential today. The demand for purchase…more

Things You Must Do When Buying A Used Car

Used cars are more popular because they are more affordable than brand new cars. The truth is that it is possible to find quality used cars that you can own and enjoy for years…more

How To Buy Quality Used Cars

Cars have turned out to be a necessity and not a luxury anymore. Therefore, more and more people are looking for ways by which they can own cars and enjoy the convenience that they…more

What are the Advantages of Buying Used Cars

It is normal for buyers to be concerned when buying cars. The brand and car model depends on individual preferences and whereas there is usually not much confusion when choosing the models since everybody…more

What Makes Japanese Used Cars Unique

Used cars are definitely popular considering that they are cheaper. With owning a car now being a necessity for many, thousands are looking for cheap cars to buy. The options however can be overwhelming…more

How to check used car scrap price?

To roughly estimate scrap car price in Singapore there are many factors to consider. Key factors include the year of manufacture. As Singapore practice a quota system for cars many cars nearing 10 years…more

Advantage of buying used cars

The biggest advantage when you buy a used car is the pricing will be much cheaper the buying a brand new car.usually the first owner of the car will pay the highest price.subsequent buyers…more

Why scrap your car with us?

With Singapore adopting a quota system for car usage many cars which are nearing 10years of usage are sent for scrap or to be exported out of Singapore. As such many used cars are…more

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