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How to check used car scrap price? | ABSOLUTE MOTORS

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How to check used car scrap price?

To roughly estimate scrap car price in Singapore there are many factors to consider. Key factors include the year of manufacture. As Singapore practice a quota system for cars many cars nearing 10 years old of usage are sent for scrap or export to
Other countries.Main factors also compromise of the demand in overseas markets and supply available in Singapore. As continental brands such as BMW and Mercedes are in demand
Overseas you can expect to fetch a higher car body price. Japanese made cars are also in demand as such they will also be at a good reasonable price. Models which are not
In much demand includes Malaysia and Korean made cars,as such do not expect a good high price for your deregistered car due for scrap.
Another factor to consider is the color of your car. White is least demanded in overseas,while black color is high in demand. One more factor exporters or scrapyard considers when buying you scrap car is the mileage used. Higher the mileage lower the price as its assumed that the chance for mechanical failure is higher due to higher usage. Lastly, please take note of the condition of you car ,if your car is badly damaged do not expect a good price as the exporter or scrapyard will likely dismantle your car and send only as spare parts. For all Singapore car owners a brief summary of the factors to determine the price of your used scrap car is as follows;
Make and Model

To get a no obligation quote email us at sales@absolutemotors.sg with the above mentioned details.

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