The Japanese Automobile Industry: An overview,
When it comes to technology and innovation, one of the first countries that leap into our minds would be Japan. Their unwavering thirst for constant development of their products has propelled them to great heights in the automobile industry. They being one of the world’s largest manufacturers and exporters of cars, it is a norm to find Japanese cars driven by many virtually in most of the countries.
The Land of the Rising Sun is home to prominent carmakers like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and many more companies alike. These companies have made a name for themselves in their own individual right in the international territory.
 High ratio of reliability and dependability
High emphasis is thrust upon the reliability of a Japanese car. This is a result of past track records of the vehicle. One of the main reasons for the immense trust places on Japanese cars is due to the colossal emphasis place on customer orientation by the Japanese manufactures. Their affinity towards their customers will enable them to deliver a quality product rather than a lacklustre one. And another major attribute of the Japanese manufacturers is the eminent standards of research and development. This would mean highly technologically advanced parts and car designs
 High resale value
Japanese made vehicles depreciate much slowly compared to their American or European counterparts. This is widely due to the high quality standards of manufacturing \and servicing set by Japanese manufacturers. And a revered trust of reliability is thrust upon their products. In turn, a high asking price could be demanded during the resale of the Japanese cars
 Design
Japanese car’s designs are not dramatically redesigned in a short time span. As the designs do not evolve too quickly, this enables the previous car models to also be relevant to the current car market. This will fade away the uncertainty and concern of purchasing an outdated vehicle which otherwise be an outcast in the modern line-up of cars.
 Higher fuel efficiency
Japanese cars are ranked as the one of the most fuel efficient vehicles in the automotive industry. Lower fuel consumption will attribute to a superior vehicle with a high economical value. It is important to ensure that the vehicle that is intended to be purchased should rate high in this standard. As the fuel efficient cars will yield a higher mileage with a lower expenditure of fuel. Higher the fuel efficiency of the vehicle will result in lesser spending on fuel.
Easy access to spare parts
 Lower maintenance cost
Most of the time, high performance and low maintenance do not go hand-in-hand for most vehicles. But Japanese cars are a welcomed exception. Recognized to be a hardy workhorse the Japanese vehicle will definitely live up to expectations. But one must be proactive rather that reactive when it comes to car maintenance. It is important to service vehicles and check relevant meters regularly to distinguish the desired performance of any vehicle.

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