Why buy a used car from Singapore?

With Singapore adopting a quota system cars are much controlled in Singapore. As a result the population of car owners is relatively low compared to the proportion of the population.the quota system is put in place due to the fact that Singapore has a small land area as such it would be easily congested if there were too many cars.under this circumstances with a quota coe premium at a high current price of 80,000 Singapore dollars for 10 years usage averagely,car owners usually deregister their vehicles and send it for export or scrapping. As such many overseas buyers are advantaged to get 10 years used cars from Singapore unlike exporting from many other countries where cars are used for even up to 15 to 25 years. Furthermore Singapore adopts a certification system whereby car owners must send their cars for inspection services to check on the quality and integrity of the car.failure in inspection ,the car will be subjected to repairs before its allowed to to be inspected again. This process makes the quality , road worthiness and reliability of the cars in Singapore high. Lastly with Singapore,s small land size area and well built up roads it gives further advantages. Small land size area results in lower mileage of the cars compared to other used cars from
Other countries.well built up road aides the car in always having a smooth journey,as such the cars quality is maintained and is not subjected to much wear and tear compared to other countries roads.
The main advantages of exporting used cars from Singapore:
Used car used only for 10 years.
Quality checks yearly which keeps the car in good quality.
Small land size and good roads which translates to
Lower mileage for the cars and less wear and tear.

Its more advantageous to get your used car from
As such we at absolute
Motors located in Singapore are best placed to fulfill your needs for used cars.As we are able to get quality used cars which does not have any mechanical or electrical issues and is in good condition.

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